One Girl Workshops

Due to customer requests, I now run small cookery workshop classes to Thermomix owners at my home in Canary Wharf.  This is a hands on, fun and informal Thermomix cooking session. You will learn how to make themed or seasonal recipes from scratch, homemade stocks and two more dishes. We start by introducing the theme and ingredients, then enjoy a cooking session, and finally we eat what we’ve made!

Classes at this venue are available for groups up to six people (minimum of four), from 10am to 2pm or 6pm to 10pm during the week or any time of day at weekends; 3 hours workshop and an hour to enjoy the food made.  For a larger group, I can arrange a different venue.

Here’s some feedback from a recent class:

Thank you so much for hosting the “Friday Night Take Away” workshop. It was wonderful to meet like minded people and swap Thermomix tips and recipes. The wonderful dishes cooked on the day have been a massive hit with my family and I feel re-energised and more creative with my cooking. I would definitely recommend Ankita’s classes and will certainly be coming back for more

Amanda L, London


Future Workshops

To register your interest in a Thermomix Workshop, email me on  

  • Curry in a Hurry, Indian Cookery Class – The UK’s love affair with Indian cuisine shows no signs of abating. Who can resist a spicy curry, comforting dhal or fragrant chutney? Take this class and soon you’ll be cooking authentic Indian quicker than you can say ‘chapatti’.
  • Varoma 101 - Dust off the cobwebs & come along to learn how to use your Varoma again. From poaching eggs to steaming puddings. Using your varoma adds variety to your meals & makes complete meal cooking incredibly easy. 
  • Lunchbox and snacks – Yoghurt is one of those recipes that looks difficult to make but once you have perfected it you wonder why you put it off for so long. In this lunchbox and snack workshop you will learn how to make yoghurt, muesli bars, sushi, courgette flapjacks,  muffins & cupcakes.

Past Workshop

  • Valentine’s  – Valentine’s day has arrived and what better way to celebrate than with an intimate dinner for two. Come to my Thermomix Valentine’s Day Special cooking class where we make a couple of drinks, a (fish) main course and a decadent dessert.
  • Easter  – What better way to start making some yummy food that you have been avoiding during Lent, where we make some Easter treats; indulge in Easter recipes from across the globe.
  • Christmas Festive Flavours  – With the run up to Christmas, this class is designed to give you some inspirational hints and tips on making Christmas an easier time in the kitchen with some recipes for the big day itself. We’ll also explore Thermie’s potential to create both non edible and edible gift ideas.
  • Friday Night Take AwayIt’s a night where mum gets the night off & quick easy meals are on the menu. Save your money & learn to create quick, delicious Friday night takeaways quicker than you can get it delivered.
  • Mexican Fiesta –  Mexican cooking is well known for its hot and spicy kick, yet truly authentic dishes have much more to offer than just heat. Come to this Mexican cooking class for a combination of modern Mexican cooking and traditional dishes.

Other classes coming soon:

  • Italian Cookery
  • Bread Making
  • Cake Making
  • Baby-food and weaning
  • Children’s Cookie Making and Decorating
  • Pizza Party