Thermomix Advisor Training – Module Dates

In order to help you plan your Thermomix Advisor Training, please find below the Module Dates for the next few months.

The first module is compulsory and you can start selling from day 1. It is recommended that you do the second module in the same calendar month but you can complete it at another time too.

After coming to a Thermomix Advisor Opportunity Meet, for the suitable candidate, you will be invited to train as an Advisor. Training is comprehensive and free and is over 2 consecutive weeks.

The first module is compulsory and it is advisable that both training modules are completed in one calendar month to give you the best jumpstart to your business.

Once your 45-day qualification period and then complete 90-days challenge has been achieved, we regroup and deliver a Consolidation training.

Thermomix Demonstrator London, One Girl and her Thermie

October 2017 

  1. Module 1A – Tuesday 3rd October 2017
  2. Module 2 – Tuesday 10th October 2017
  3. Module 1B – Friday 20th October 2017


November 2017 

  1. Module 1A – Tuesday 31st October 2017
  2. Module 2 – Tuesday 7th November 2017
  3. Module 1B – Friday 24th November 2017


December 2017 

  1. Module 1 – Tuesday 5th December 2017
  2. Module 2 – Tuesday 12th December 2017


Find out more about the Thermomix Advisor Opportunity or come to a Thermomix Advisor Opportunity Meeting, email me here.