What my customers say – Domestic, home users

I think it’s important to read comments from real people about their demonstration experience and their feedback on how they are using their Thermomixes, if they bought. This section of my testimonials is from the horse’s mouth – ‘What my customers say’. If you would like to send me your story, please get in touch with me here.

We absolutely love it! I was worried we would end up with what amounted to a very expensive food processor but we’re using it for all sorts of things – we’ve made many, many dinners in it, ice cream, smoothies, bread… Tomorrow I’m making butternut squash risotto in it. We’re converts.

Lana, Victoria Park

I heard about Thermomix through my Dad who bought one for himself and was absolutely delighted and cooked for me the tastiest dinner in no time!

My demonstration was a great experience. I came out of it thinking that Thermomix is really an amazing tool for cooking fast and tasty dishes. There is no doubt that everybody who comes in your kitchen including yourself would be totally impressed! But also a big thank you to Ankita, who is such an enthusiastic person and you can really feel that selling Thermomix is more a real passion rather than a duty.

Ankita is really skilled to create this warm and friendly atmosphere which makes you feel at home immediately. She demonstrates and cooked a delicious meal with homemade bread in no time and we all shared this lovely meal in a very friendly space.

Thank you Ankita, I hope we could have more people like you in this world who really spread positivity and a fantastic enthusiasm!

I bought a Thermomix and I have been able to cook for friends a really nice meal in 15-20 minutes! Wow that is amazing! It is really changing my life for the better! I really recommend it.

Virginie G, Greenwich

We’re using Thermomix almost every day and I must admit it’s pretty awesome. We’ve tried so many things already and all of them were great.

Magda Husar, Royal Docks

We love our Thermomix! Ankita, thanks so much for taking the time to introduce us to the Thermie. I was worried I wouldn’t use it enough but have surprised myself by using it daily. I’ve been cooking dishes that previously would have filled me with fear – risotto – and baking successfully (sponges, biscuits, scones, brownies, crackers) for the first time ever. I’m also using it as an extra pair of hands – chopping onions and herbs etc. and for time consuming basics like cheese sauce which turns out perfectly every time. I’ve even made my own jam – using a recipe which takes 30 seconds to prepare and 40 minutes unsupervised while I get on with other things and the house is filled with the most delicious aroma! I’ve decided it will be a “homemade” Christmas this year – gifting jams and chutneys to all the family. I might not tell them how quick and easy it is though :)

Nadine Pain, East London

I first came across Thermomix at my sister-in-law’s. She lives in France and is a great cook. One of these naturals who is incredibly relaxed in the kitchen and makes everything look easy.  She even had a recipe book published many years ago.  She’s always up on the latest time-saving and quality appliances so I really value her judgement and opinions when I need to buy something new for the house. My food processor had more or less given up the ghost and I’d been dreading having to do the research and go through all the hassle of buying and then worse, learning how to use, a new one. So while staying at Jenn’s, I was going to ask her advice.

By chance I saw her Thermomix on her counter on the day we were leaving and that was it. Both she and her adult daughter were so totally enthusiastic about it, it was amazing. As they gave me a list of all it could do and had done during my stay -“you know that cake we’ve been eating, salad dressing, tapenade, pie, and lasagne? Oh, and it makes fantastic bread-so easy- and smoothies and hollandaise and it can steam and it’s so simple to clean. Of course, it’s brilliant for baby food”- I could only try to take it all in and keep a clear head.

I asked where all the bits were. Nowhere apparently, apart from the Varoma tray part.  It appeared to be a gadget version of an onesie!  Wow, this was looking very, very good.  By the time Jenn said, the only thing is, it’s about £800 and you have to see it demonstrated, she might as well have said you find it at the end of the rainbow and you have to pay in Harry Potter’s knuts, sickles and galleons, I didn’t care. I was on a quest!

Back home in the UK, I researched a bit on the website and was just amazed I’d never heard of the Thermomix before.  And no it wasn’t a fantasy.  Through the head office in the UK I was given our local demonstrator’s contact details and we set up a date for my husband and myself to go to Ankita’s home and see the demonstration. I do most of the cooking at home, but not exclusively, and since it is a big investment, I agreed with Ankita he should be involved.

The demo was great. There were 4 of us and a trainee demonstrator as well as Ankita. The atmosphere was very relaxed, friendly and not at all pretentious. What really impressed my husband was Ankita’s knowledge of the product. He hadn’t done as much research as me and was really appreciative of how quickly and easily all the goodies were prepared.  The sorbet really does have to be tasted to be believed by the way. I’m a massive ice cream fan and was a little sceptical before the tasting…but even I thought it was absolutely fabulous AND fat-free!

What most impressed me apart from the star of the show itself, was the fact that it was absolutely NOT a hard sell in any sense. Yes, we had a few forms to fill out-nothing difficult and almost incidental to the main fun of the evening. It was all about getting some hands-on experience of the machine, having all of our question answered really honestly and clearly…and eating some lovely food.

The “cooking” you do, which I had thought might feel a bit intimidating in someone else’s kitchen with strangers, really isn’t. You just put some ready prepared ingredients in the bowl and push a few buttons with Ankita at hand guiding you along the way like a happy big sister! It could hardly be easier.

Now it’s four days to go before our Thermomix arrives.  I’m what I’d call a dutiful cook. I do it because I have to with a very health-conscious family to feed. That’s pretty much the only reason….yet we’re already planning our inaugural meal and the excitement is mounting!

Cheryl Carman, Hackney