What my team says

My team are a great bunch of people who share my passion for the Thermomix and are committed to helping each other achieve their goals. Don’t take my word for it, read it for yourself. Here’s what my teams says:

Current Team

HelmaI love being a Thermomix Advisor. It is funny, you can meet amazing people and you learn from the team. But, the best of all is when your customers and friends thank you with phrases like these:

  • “You changed my life with Thermomix”,
  • “Since I bought my TM5, I have more time to spend with my family”
  • “A month ago I couldn’t cook an egg, yesterday I did Cheese Soufflé for dinner”
  • “Finally, I can eat super tasty dinners at home”

My sister introduced me to Thermomix in Mexico, so when I came back to London I decided to buy one and become an Advisor. The experience and good organisation of Ankita, my team leader, has been crucial. She’s always has plenty of ideas for growing your business and supporting you. 

Helma H, Mayfair

12654222_875969262521943_5193912580555488550_nBecoming a Thermomix Advisor has been one of the most fun things I have done in recent years and I’ve really enjoyed the experience thus far. I love having the TM5 as my little helper in the kitchen and all my friends wanted one and encouraged me to train and demonstrate. I love cooking and hospitality so being an advisor for Thermomix has offered me the flexibility to do it in my spare time from my full-time employment. The support and guidance from Ankita as the Team Leader has been invaluable and I learnt so much just by observing her demonstration and listening to her sharing her experience and stories. ‎The team of girls meet regularly and share tips and ideas. It feels like a little secret society of Thermomix elites :)

YZ, Maryleborne

ShatiI heard about this amazing machine, when we went on holiday to Germany as family about 4 years ago <2012>.

My husband, two teenage girls and myself got invited from friends who had a Thermomix. I was amazed that my friend hadn’t even started cooking when we arrived at their home. I was worried my friend might end up the whole time in the kitchen and wouldn’t be able to spend time with us. While we were chatting away with her husband and little boy, she was most of the time in the living room with us. Only from time to time she would disappear for a little while. But amazingly she surprised us in the end with a variety of different dishes. I just couldn’t believe my eyes.

At that time my health was really bad because of my fibromyalgia, I had really bad chronic pain and hardly could cook regular healthy meals for my family. Back in the UK, I decided to find out if the Thermomix is also available in the UK. My husband and myself went to a public Demonstration which was held in the home of an Advisor. We decided to buy a Thermomix.

Since I have my Thermomix, I have been able to cook more regularly fresh and healthy food. I specially enjoy cooking my curries now, because it’s much much quicker. Now even my husband, who never cooked in his life, sometimes surprises the family with freshly baked bread rolls or even a soup.

Shati Poosch, Hackney

Sindy Caplan

I have owned a Thermomix for 35 years! My mother had one! Janie (Turner) demonstrated my TM21 and Felicity Raines demonstrated my TM31, so, I learned with the best. I have a cooking school that I run out of my own kitchen. Over a period of time, my regular clients began to ask more and more questions about my Thermomix (I don’t cook with it in the class, but use it to blend and chop). Inevitably more and more of them decided to purchase and it seemed a sensible business decision to train as a demonstrator myself. The rest is history.

Sindy Caplan, Hampstead

Promoted Team Leaders from my team

Carmen was promoted to Team Leader in December 2015, after orginially training with me as new Advisor in May 2013.

CarmenWhen I first found out I was pregnant my {Spanish} mum wanted to gift me a Thermomix because all her friends have one. They all gave rave reviews about Thermomix – how much time they were saving and how easy was to cook with it. So my mother decided that it will be a great help for me. At first, I thought I did not need it and it was so expensive luxury. She persisted, so I decided to see a demonstration. An Advisor came to my home and I was so impressed by the demonstration and how they explained all the functions, that I couldn’t wait until my mum bought it for me; I  I purchased it myself especially as uptil that point, I had no idea of cooking.

The first time I realised Thermomix was a great purchase was at 2 am when I had just finished to breastfeeding my daughter and I was in the mood to eat a wrap. But I didn’t have any tortillas at home and  and it was too late to run to a shop. I stopped and remembered, I had Thermomix. A quick internet search of recipes and within no time, I was sitting down to a wonderful homemade wrap. This encouraged me to start cooking more and more. I started talking about Thermomix to all my friends and family. They wanted to know how I was be able to make so many wonderful dishes without any knowledge of cooking. That’s why I became an Advisor {in May 2013} in Ankita’s team because I thought the Thermomix was the best item in my household and I wanted to share it with the world. I could not believe how people could not live without a Thermomix, it is the best invention ever. I compare owning a Thermomix  with the owning washing machine, for me it was like having no washing machine and wash your clothes with your hands.

Two years on, I am now stepping up to the Team Builder role. I love Thermomix and love Advising. The role helps me meet new people, improving their lives and we have fun. It is also the main source of income for my daughter and myself and I also get excellent rewards. That why I keeping doing it. I love my Thermomix.

Carmen Medina-Casellas, Islington

Shehnaaz was promoted to Team Leader in December 2015, after originally training with me as new Advisor in April 2014. Shez was one of the Advisors to go onto the Earn and Demonstrate programme.

Shehnaaz Desai, Thermomix Demonstrator Ilford

I started my training to be an Independent Thermomix Advisor in April 2014. It’s been a fulfilling 5 months with highs and lows. Ankita has been an inspirational Team Leader, I’ve learned so much in this short time mainly drawing from her confidence and ability to captivate whoever she addresses. Having a team leader with so much passion and drive makes a huge difference in realising your own potential. She provides the support you require to succeed, always available for a chat and assistance when needed. The earn and demonstrate programme has been very beneficial in that I could start my own business with very little investment. Your initial success depends on how much effort you put into your 90 day programme, it thereafter is easier and so much fun. I am thoroughly enjoying my Thermomix Journey!

Shehnaaz Desai, Ilford

Helen was promoted to Team Leader in December 2015, after originally training with me as new Advisor in July 2014.

Helen Kendall-Tobias

I’ve just taken delivery of a new Thermomix today – on behalf of a client who couldn’t take delivery themselves at work. I realised that I’m just as excited as seeing this Thermomix come through the front door as I was when my own arrived over 6 months ago now.

I trained as an Independent Advisor for Thermomix as part of Ankita’s team in July 2014 on the earn and demonstrate programme. It’s been a whirlwind of activity. As well as learning new skills (food hygiene and health and safety certificates), it’s been amazing to use a Thermomix on a daily basis, take part in Cooking Classes and generally learn about peoples eating habits, food culture and even their special dietary requirements.

It’s a pleasure to be able to show people how to use such a fabulous piece of equipment and watch their faces as they start to understand what Thermomix will do and how it will contribute to their quality of life. There’s a real sense of achievement leaving a demonstration knowing that your audience has had a great time and that they have restaurant quality food to eat for their lunch or supper.

Ankita has built a team of committed individuals who all bring with them a wealth of experience. As well as running our own businesses, we are constantly sharing recipes, trying new things out and of course sharing tips and tricks. Although we attend regular team meetings, we seldom work together as such. But we are a great team and work together well when called on for Cookery Classes. This is surely down to Ankita’s expert training, guidance and personal enthusiasm for a product that we are all, as both advisors and home cooks, fanatical about.

Helen Kendall-Tobias, Maidstone

Past Team

As Thermomix in the UK grows, many new teams are being formed and some members that I have recruited, trained and mentored for a number of months (years), migrate to new teams closer to their homes. It’s always sad when people leave my team but what I love most is having met these wonderful individuals and making friends; friendships that have been made go above and beyond the constraints of our working life.


SiobhanI first saw the Thermomix at a cooking class that I was volunteering at and knew I had to have one somehow! After a year or more of research into the company and direct marketing in general  I finally took the plunge and went on the earn and demonstrate programme. It’s not a walk in the park and you get back what you put into it but it has been worth it and this is a business I want to develop and grow. I truly enjoy giving demonstrations and making new connections and being part of Ankita’s team was a privilege as I was able to learn from a highly experienced and successful coach. 

The Thermomix may not be so well known in the UK but judging by its cult following in other countries I am confident that this business can only continue to grow here and I am very excited to be part of it. 

Siobhan O’Hara, Stoke Newington

I was first introduced to the Thermomix by my sister-in-law who liFrancescaves in the Australia.  She constantly raved about it whenever she came over to visit so in June 2015 my husband and I decided to have a demonstration.  We both knew that we definitely wanted the TM5 and at the time I was also looking into starting another little business for myself.  I attended the Open Day which was run by Ankita and went on to the Demonstrate and Earn programme in September 2015. 

Ankita was a great Team Leader, always motivating her team constantly to be the best in creating awareness of the greatness of the TM5 and also selling it.  I have learnt so much from being in her team, as her wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm is so great.  Her leadership has encouraged me to now move forward to becoming a Team leader myself. 

I am really looking forward to what my future with Thermomix holds.

Francesca Kyriacou, Herts.

FrederiqueI took a friend to a demonstration thinking to buy her the Thermomix as a joint present from all our friends for her birthday. I even said my Advisor, “I will come but will not buy it, but might try to see if my friend will like it.” I ended up buying it myself after exactly 2 minutes of the demo. I realised how packed  my kitchen cupboards were with unnecessary cooking appliances that are inefficient.

My husband jumped at the price when he heard how much it costs but came down after less than 3 days, when he had everyday fresh homemade baguettes, fresh healthy and tasty soups, chicken stews, fresh fruit shakes for all the family in the morning or sorbets and much more. He loved the multi-layered cooking; I would steam fish, while, steaming asparagus and cooking a soup, a three course meal in 20 minutes, while we could take the time to chat. Everything was faster and tasted better. We were totally seduced as a whole family. What is amazing is that you can’t fail any recipes. I managed to refund to the shop, the last two appliances I bought in the months before.

The lady that demonstrated my Thermomix told me about the Advisor opportunity but thought I could not do it.  The thing is once I got my Thermomix, all I was doing was speaking about with my friends was my new Thermomix. I became obsessed with it. I would do everything with it and I spent my 2 weeks proving myself, my family and friends that all a woman need in her kitchen was a Thermomix. I converted my recipes, was trying all the guided recipes, and trying cooking, baking things I would have never even dreamt of doing.

I decided to become an Advisor and manage to earn my second Thermomix in a bit more than one week. I demonstrated to all my friends with love and passion. All the people that bought it are thanking me everyday. I enjoyed changing their life the way Thermomix has changed mine. I love demonstrating Thermomix, advising, letting as many people know that they actually need it and helping people start with it. I use it everyday for every and anything. This is all about Thermomix and I love it.

A big thank you as well to my first Advisor, Chloe and Ankita, my wonderful and inspiring team leader. I hope to share my journey as much as I can with friends and people.

Frederique Assor, Belsize Park

Rhian I first got a TM31 as a birthday present about 18 months ago, so as much as I wanted the TM5 when I saw it, I thought it was ridiculous to get a second….until I realised that I could earn it by selling just 4! I trained with Ankita over 3 Thursdays and they were all actually really fun days. I lined my first demos up for the Thursday evening following the final training and the following morning. I thought if I don’t dive straight in, this won’t happen – so within 24 hours I had sold 4 and earned my machine. A month on I have sold 12! I still find each demo is a learning curve for me too with new challenges but Ankita has been great, giving me invaluable advice when I’ve asked for it. It is great to know you are part of a collegiate team where there is plenty of support from your team at weekly meetings. I really enjoy demonstrating and seeing the guests amazement at various points in the demo as well as leaving them to a fabulous lunch afterwards!

Rhian O’Connor, Swiss Cottage

 First time a friend told me about Thermomix, I thought “How can a food processor be so expensive?” Then quite a few people told me more and more about it and how amazing it was as it wasn’t just a food processor. A couple of years later, I called the company to book a demonstration and I was convinced straight away! We had made bread, soup, sorbet and steamed some vegetables in less than 2 hours!!! I have never looked back on my investment as I think it’s worth every penny. My family loves our Thermomix and is now very conscious about healthy food. I became a demonstrator very soon after investing in my Thermomix and I’m enjoying it so much as I can look after my children and have a fun part time job meeting lots of new people.

Annita de Chanterac, Kensington

625582_10151491350652840_279813068_nLast year, I was invited to a Thermomix demonstration at a friend’s house. I had never heard of Thermomix and am not a natural cook. But as a working mum with a busy life, I immediately saw the benefits it would bring. The machine was not really in my budget, so I decided to try the demonstrate and earn programme.

Training with Ankita over three Thursdays to become an advisor was an extremely positive experience. Ankita has a passion for what she is doing and an enthusiasm for sharing it. Her energy is infectious. I met lovely people in the class and learned a lot. With the skills I gained, I was able to earn my machine!

Several months on, I am having fun, eating healthier, and cooking with my two daughters. I also enjoy being part of the Thermomix team. We have the opportunity to attend cooking workshops, learn new skills and share ideas and recipes. And ofcourse to earn money by sharing something we love. What could be better!

Liz Panos, Camden

Chef Student at WKC in London, Thermomix Grove Park, Hamish PlummerI got my first Thermomix, a TM31, in mid-2014 and a week after my demostration, found myself at an open day to be an Advisor – I’d only heard about the Thermomix a week before my demo! I immediately loved my TM31 and really wanted to demonstrate too. The only negative was that I had to wait until I turned 18 in August before training but it meant I could start out with the TM5 (win, win!). The support we as Advisors receive is unmatched by anywhere else I’ve heard of and the same can be said of the support the customers receive. Being a part of Ankita’s team is such a privilege and I am constantly encouraged and inspired by speaking with Ankita, the rest of the team and going to team meetings. Demonstrating gives me the flexibility to work easily around my Professional Chef Diploma course and what better than always meeting new people and having the opportunity to show them my favourite thing! The Thermomix is such a great investment for any type of person and there is nothing I would recommend more.

Hamish Plummer, Grove Park

???????????????????????????????I bought my Thermomix after seeing a Spanish friend cook a wonderful meal in no time at all. That was about five years ago. Having children with eczema, the Thermomix has made cooking so easy as I know exactly what goes in and I cook healthy tasty meals I never thought possible. I decided to become an Advisor after attending an Open Day (in Ankita’s home, I did the training and joined her team this April [2015].  Ankita’s motivation and enthusiasm comes right through and I have learnt a great deal, sharing with other Advisors recipes and tips on how to make the most of the Thermomix.  Demonstrating is great fun, you meet lovely people and can share your passion for healthy eating. I am lucky that I have been able to join this great Thermomix team.

Marivi Perello, Eltham

Kerry New, Thermomix Advisor Rochester I bought my TM31 in late 2011 and, after two weeks of calling Ankita repeatedly to tell her all of the exciting things I’d been making, she suggested that I train to become a demonstrator. Within a month of buying my Thermomix I had completed my training and was demonstrating! I love being a Thermomix Advisor and really enjoy being a part of the wonderful Thermomix team. Ankita inspires her team members to share this amazing piece of kitchen equipment in so many ways, from public demonstrations to cooking classes and demonstrations in people’s own homes. As a member of Ankita’s team, I personally gain a great deal from attending team meetings and cooking classes with like minded advisors and customers who share my passion for the Thermomix and inspire me to use my Thermomix to its full potential, to make amazing recipes I never dreamed I’d be able to make before owning a Thermomix! I am so lucky to be on this amazing journey and I am so excited about now having my new TM5 alongside my TM31 in my kitchen!

Kerry New, Rochester

ClairLet’s just say, there was a great cook, a good cook, a poor cook and then there was me! If it didn’t come from a freezer or a restaurant, I had no idea what to do with it. Then in 2012, I discovered the magical world of Thermomix. My friend owned the TM31 and would regularly cook amazing 3 course meals for me…..I couldn’t believe that I might be able to do the same and with such ease. Within a year, I owned my very own TM31 and only wished I’d bought it sooner! In November 2014, shortly after the launch of the brand new TM5…I signed up for the Earn and Demonstrate Programme and am now an Independent Thermomix Advisor. The training was easy and lots of fun. Ankita and her team are fantastic. Very helpful, knowledgeable and passionate about Thermomixing! It feels like joining a family and spending days cooking and demonstrating with likeminded friends. The journey has been incredible so far and look forward to the years ahead.

 Clair Smith, Docklands